Problem: Difficulty finding knowledgeable medical billing and/or coding professionals.
PMBC Solution: PMBC has over 30 years of experience in billing for anesthesiologists and has employees with years of practical medical industry experience.
Problem: Insurance denials for incorrect coding.
PMBC Solution: Working together allows our experienced DRG, RHIT coders, with over ten years of anesthesia and pain management billing experience to code your complex services.
Problem: Insurance denials for untimely filing.
PMBC Solution: PMBC avoids untimely filing by using electronic claim filing and a diligent follow-up campaign.
Problem: Lack of extensive and detailed statistical reports.
PMBC Solution: PMBC utilizes the IDX-GPMS system, the most well-known and respected medical billing system, that provides unlimited reporting capabilities.
Problem: High cost and management problems of in-house billing including: rent, computers, office equipment supplies, postage, salaries, personnel, benefits, etc.
PMBC Solution: PMBC will be responsible for management, salaries, benefits, personnel, data entry, supplies, postage, and experienced coders, etc.
Problem: Time-consuming completion of credentialing and re-credentialing.
PMBC Solution: Experience PMBC employees will complete applications in a timely manner.
Problem: Self-pay patients ignore statements or bounce their checks.
PMBC Solution: Place self-pay and bounced checks with the PMBC professional collectors in our collection department. No additional charge for collection department services.